Rory MacDonald vs Paul Daley Full Fight at Bellator 179

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Look at the height advantage for McDonald's but look at the reach exactly the same that's a huge factor in this fight 31 wins by finished all by strikes per Paul semtex ladies and gentlemen swings towards presents Bellator MMA from London England the time has come for the main event on day three five-minute rounds in the welterweight division sanctions by well he contrived Department of athletic regulation chairman is Kevin Brown and cage side director Mike lazuli tonight's main event props use by Miller Lite the original white beard it is Miller time and now first is reducing the blue co-ed at 6 foot weighing in 170 21 pouched in his much anticipated debut inside the Bellator cage he stands with 18 professional victories four defeats fighting out of Montreal Quebec Canada Greece empty [Applause] and across the cages have the city fighting out of the red corner at five foot nine weighing in 170 point eight pounds the veteran professional tonight returns home to England with 39 professional victories 14 defeats to Ross hailing from bell rings the referee in charge Big John McCarthy who famously refereed the Robbie Lawler fight two years ago touches on good luck above all when you listen to the instructions with their hands up you are ready to go this is a moment in this sport right now [Music] [Applause] to station over hand right now alibi the level change and remember all daily got hurt early in the Gunners Lima fight and never to in trouble depends with Kenny Johnson wrestled in Iowa and fight the takedown the Red King turned long enough toes caught his shorts able to get it out [Applause] this is where Rory MacDonald wanted this fight on the ground before he has a clear advantage [Applause] who you are I'll be the kickboxing call deal you're rolling the dice gets it and gets it [Applause] Ross's Morgan Donald 18 for so many those fights going at the highest level even the losses the two knockout losses Robbie llama Carlos Scott he was putting those fights the Carlos Condit loss Kate was seven seven seconds left that by Gus stop fighting would've won had he gone to the cart I think there's any question that the Warrior McDonald who saw with Stephen Thompson last year you fight a lot of confidence in that fight looking confident so far tonight [Music] [Applause] after women what does Paul sent texting have some disposition what's his strategy [Applause] stand up are to get Rory MacDonald me back [Applause] [Music] [Applause] let's fight IQ the Rory MacDonald authority would I mean this is our new separated heart physically to separate yourself from the other twelve and thirteen years one he could think the game so quickly that's why he was the first of this generation that's why use the first of this time grew up watching sport rain I'm wrestling jujitsu and make the transition to make em [Applause] Royce Gracie who was here tonight was basically the first to land on the boom Rory MacDonald was riding spaceship guys were going back and forth they were already hit it was next [Applause] [Music] [Applause] khoka risk has given up his back here how many chance you get yep but that's the primers commit to expose your family to give up that positioning you stay square you're not gonna get up and guard won't get past you can use to grow McDonnell has an excellent pass home out there it is for a split second all Baylor's messing around butterfly [Applause] they had a little sweet out of this position against Dennis Olsen two years ago he was so proud of it he kept talking about this isn't Dennis olsat is this point Paul Kelly has to know the round is gone to make sure he sees round 2 exactly look already billion throw strikes and stay structurally composed that's an easy thing to do most people strike or pass is so good at switching back and forth look at that pace the importer Porter MacDonald started fast he's gonna find five round fights [Applause] still looking for an option to Rowdies already go he's former yes has he any passport dominant position a few more times I'd go tonight right now ten nine to me but a white bow [Applause] maybe depends on the first round probably Phil Davis against come on sir I think of my best free agent first round now this new opponent yeah engage just enough to set up the single-leg drove him right to the ground and then pressure pressure fresh and I'm credit Paul de Leeuw does Roy McDonald never really got dominant position wasn't able to pass but ground-and-pound short strikes staying safe Roy McDonald's Conn around it's staying safe in that position more critical now at the gusto speaking of tense so you're a few Paul Daley did enough to keep that 10 yeah or McDonald or you could say doorknob didn't do enough to get a 10-8 never past guard was never able to get dominant position for very long briefs which flirted with mouth but didn't landing big strikes ten nine definitely the Rory MacDonald [Music] just one daily file we can open up now it's a kickboxing match as we will go to the takedown beautiful stuff right in the side control well this has been impressive yeah Josh Thompson was slow to start no Ben Henderson got run over by entree course Goff Matt Mitrione won his debut when he was coming off the ground and very nearly got knocked out it is through six minutes Warbeck dial has been everything he said he would be while David rolling up turning away that is very very dangerous can't defend those short strikes he turns anymore is gonna give up his back also giving up that left arm little too aggressive with that mount step over [Music] daily right now just desperate for space he's not getting any rare wood cage rust manifest itself in a game like Rory MacDonald that's all it did been hesitant to strike I would have suspected something if he had been a gun shy with the takedown fuck them really far outside that would have given you away the team is confidently strikes and he set up this single egg that's why he's here this is gay [Applause] was that a debut or is that an audition for the title fight he is sure to be in the next time he steps into the Bellator cage he said with his Canadian confidence and his cold eyes that he was taken over you can't make a bigger statement than the one Laura McDonald just made against the whole calculated precise against the champ Douglas Lima Paulsen tech daily what as moments landed right this fight was McDonald great stuff Compton on the feet even more confident on the ground but look at this step over here didn't have the hooks in didn't matter underneath the chin right there forget about that right hook I don't need it I'm under the chin I'm squeezing and that's a quick quick tap to a very tight rear naked choke forget the crowd forget home-field advantage Warren McDonald Stillwater MacDonald my friends he keeps his emotions so close to the best but what a feeling that has to be for Rory MacDonald after going two years without a with the resume of Rory MacDonald at age 27 is virtually unmatched he caught the UFC world champion tyron woodley maybe Amaya BJ Penn and Nate Diaz and he just rolls over Paul Daley in his Bellator debut [Music] ladies and gentlemen inside the Bellator cage the tab comes by way of a rear naked choke official time one minute 45 seconds into round number two the winner by submission Rory the True North strong and free agent Rory MacDonald everything he said he would be is with Jimmy Smith I don't normally call you an emotional guy that you are very very happy right now talk about the emotions of having this promotional debut go so well for you man it's been a long time of layoffs man it's been a long two years to be honest it took a lot to stay focused stay on track focusing on what I was lacking in every department of my life and I made sure that I checked off all those wrongs that I was doing and it showed in the plate I mean Paul is one of the best guys that I've ever fought and I had to be on point and had at my best and tonight I was at my best you engaged just enough to set up that tape down but you looked like you were ready to hurt him ready to kickbox ready to step in with no fear is that how it felt yeah that's my style man just whatever I see in the moment I just strike so that's what it was about tonight just being myself letting it flow and it all came out you can expect a lot more of that to come speaking of more to come lorenz larkin versus Douglas Leeman at Madison Square Garden what your thoughts on that fight what are your thoughts on taking on the winter bow it's great guys folks great fighters gonna be an amazing fight I'll be there watching but I guarantee you I will take that belt from you and I will take your health you watch our house don't fight this man the red team Horn McDonald to get up for [Applause] 270 00:14:17,240 --> 00:00:00,000 [Music] 

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