Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs Joey Beltran Full Fight at Bellator 108

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Full fight transcript:

Jimmy our tale of the tape look at the record both guys experienced 14 knockouts for Rampage Jackson 11 for Joey Beltran but Rampage Jackson those are one punch knockout joy Beltran where's guys down the TKO stylistically very different Joey Beltran back in the Bellator cage to face that man Rampage Jackson you ready sir you ready sir let's go fight main event is underway round number one hate stepping in early he's in the black trunks l-tron in the red chips lay on it telling beltron don't hold the shorts that's here for joy Beltran as he wants to put pressure on pitch he wants to make him work but cannot get into a brawl with rampage which is then on the outside back bed right answer beltron party jimmy we see Rampage Jackson and Stocking respect the punches of Joey Beltran VAM page telling Joey belch on come on don't expect belt on to do anything different run on his bike early to set his own rhythm not the rhythm of brand names Jackson no suicide stands for anything from the dances to the moon look for the counter shot Ricans for a new style from the past hard puncher his footwork isn't always the best bucks with who follows guys around rattle to cutting off cutting off the kids makes snapping the jab three minutes remaining round number one have you so far from rampage parsley belt rock coming forward into the type 1 big part of bloukrans treating flinch up with rampage we're now drag it into the later rounds me too the body from Rampage Jackson and be pressured Jimmy from Joey Beltran to the body from belch I lost you put pressure on short shots boys judges get into rounds two and three we're trying to drive the rampage back from throwing high-volume of strikes there's Rapace definitely from belt circles far he wants going forward pressure on his opponent that bitch has to get off the fence to use that power well rampage talked about a lightning strike wind belt Ron talked about wearing down Rampage Jackson outstanding liars fell trying again driving rampage back not giving him any space final minute now round number one Julie bill turns the kind of guys you're not in good shape that there's something wrong if you didn't train for a long time ago fight you'll find out he loves the deep water lead to the body from rampage right to the body from beltron left to the body whoever turns from am paige jackson beltron backs off center of the Bellator cage punches that left hook right over the top of the guard and paid swing pick down knee to the body Kenny from Joey TKO for Rampage Jackson his Bellator debut what I say about that left hook that's what started it when it beats God in her four five nine a ton of one punch power there we'll check the official time I believe that will clock at 4:59 of round one that was right before the end of the round and then Beltran saying I didn't go down a rappers say you went down man it's exactly what you wanted take a look let's see for ourselves puts him against the fence working the body then bang left hook right on the chin right right on top of that light hook to the head Beltran went down let's take another look at it left hook right in yeah he just flops down I think that's a good stoppage by Dan murgh leotta that's exactly what Rampage Jackson was looking for Dan Merkley oughta saw Beltran drop knew he was in trouble did not care about the time remaining safety first he saw the right hand land unabated to belt Ron's head it stepped in see the frustration to disappointment on the face of Joey Beltran here's Michael Williams comes officially four minutes 59 seconds of round number one the winner by knockout Quinton Jackson one minutes shy of the end of round one

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